Welcome to St. Louis Locations!

This is the grand re-opening of StLouisLocations.com. Please feel free to browse our website and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Haller Concepts has been in the St. Louis location scouting business for over 25 years. Haller Concepts has worked with a lot of high profile brands. Just a few of them to list quickly are: Anheiser-Busch, AT&T, Nike, Purina, and Warner Brothers Studios.

We hope that if you are looking for a great location scout, that you will highly consider Haller Concepts. We will find the best according to your needs, especially since we know the St. Louis area so well.

Our specialties are scouting for film, video, photography and the web. The StLouisLocations.com gallery has some photos to show you some of our past work.

We look forward to any challenges you might have for your project and definitely eager to meet your demands.