Enhance Your Equity Offering with Dynamic Commercial Property Videos

The demand for visually appealing content is at an all-time high. For businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their equity offering, dynamic commercial property videos have become an indispensable tool. These videos not only showcase properties in the best light but also help in attracting potential investors and clients. As a decision maker in photography and video production services, understanding the significance of these videos can give you a competitive edge in the market.

Importance of Dynamic Commercial Property Videos
When it comes to showcasing commercial properties, static images often fall short in capturing the essence and scale of the space. This is where dynamic commercial property videos come into play. By incorporating movement, sound, and compelling visuals, these videos provide a comprehensive view of the property, allowing potential investors and clients to immerse themselves in the space.

Engaging Storytelling
One of the key advantages of dynamic commercial property videos is their ability to tell a compelling story. Through strategic camera movements, captivating narratives, and expertly chosen music, these videos create an emotional connection with the audience, making them more likely to invest or engage with the property.

Highlighting Key Features
Unlike still images, videos allow for a more in-depth exploration of the property’s key features. Whether it’s showcasing the layout, amenities, or surrounding area, dynamic commercial property videos offer a comprehensive view that static images simply cannot match.

Increased Engagement and Conversion Rates
Studies have shown that video content drives higher engagement and conversion rates compared to traditional forms of media. By incorporating dynamic commercial property videos into your marketing strategy, you can attract more attention to your offerings and ultimately increase your chances of closing deals.

The Art of Commercial Property Videography
Creating effective commercial property videos requires a blend of technical expertise and creative vision. From choosing the right camera angles to crafting a compelling narrative, every aspect of the production process plays a crucial role in the success of the video.

Professional Equipment and Expertise
At St Louis Locations, we understand the importance of quality equipment and experienced crew members in producing exceptional commercial property videos. With state-of-the-art cameras, lighting equipment, and licensed drone pilots, we ensure that every video we produce meets the highest standards of excellence.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
Whether you’re showcasing a retail space, office building, or industrial property, we offer customized solutions to suit your specific requirements. From full-service studio productions to on-location shoots, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

Maximizing Your ROI
In addition to creating stunning commercial property videos, we also specialize in repurposing your content across different platforms and media formats. By maximizing the reach and impact of your videos, we help you gain more traction and ultimately enhance your equity offering.

Elevate Your Equity Offering with St Louis Locations
As a full-service video and photography production company, St Louis Locations has worked with many businesses, marketing firms, and agencies in the St. Louis area for their corporate photography and video needs. With our extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and creative expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your equity offering with dynamic commercial property videos.

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How Testimonial Videos Drive Business Growth

In the ever-evolving world of marketing and advertising, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to connect with their target audience and drive growth. One such method that has proven to be highly effective is the use of testimonial videos. These powerful marketing tools not only provide credibility and authenticity but also offer a unique opportunity to showcase the real-life experiences and success stories of satisfied customers. As an experienced corporate videographer at St. Louis Locations, I have witnessed firsthand how testimonial videos can drive business growth and make a significant impact on a company’s success.

The Power of Testimonial Videos
Testimonial videos are a form of user-generated content that allows customers to share their experiences with a product or service. These videos typically feature satisfied customers talking about their positive interactions with a company, its products, or its services. The effectiveness of testimonial videos lies in their ability to build trust, establish credibility, and create a strong emotional connection with the audience. Here are some key reasons why testimonial videos are so powerful:

1. Authenticity
Authenticity is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. Customers are savvy and can easily spot inauthentic or scripted content. Testimonial videos, featuring real customers sharing their honest opinions, are seen as more trustworthy and genuine. When potential customers see others like themselves expressing satisfaction, they are more likely to believe the claims made by the company.

2. Credibility
Testimonial videos provide third-party validation for a company’s products or services. They serve as endorsements from real people who have experienced the value offered by the business. This added credibility can be a game-changer, especially in industries where trust is paramount, such as healthcare, finance, or B2B services.

3. Emotional Connection
Video is a powerful medium for storytelling, and testimonial videos excel at creating emotional connections. When viewers see and hear the emotions of satisfied customers, they are more likely to resonate with the message and develop a positive perception of the brand. Emotional engagement can lead to stronger brand loyalty and increased customer retention.

4. Humanization
Testimonial videos humanize a brand. They put a face and a voice to the company, making it more relatable. Potential customers are more likely to connect with real people sharing their experiences than with faceless advertisements or written testimonials.

Crafting Compelling Testimonial Videos
Creating effective testimonial videos requires careful planning, execution, and storytelling. As an experienced corporate videographer, I can share some insights into the process of crafting compelling testimonial videos that drive business growth:

1. Identify the Right Customers
Not every customer will be an ideal candidate for a testimonial video. Identify customers who have a genuine positive experience to share and are willing to participate in the video. Consider their demographics and the specific benefits they’ve received from your product or service.

2. Prepare Questions
Prepare a list of open-ended questions that will guide the testimonial interview. These questions should encourage customers to share their experiences, challenges they faced before using your product or service, and the results they achieved. Keep the conversation natural and unscripted.

3. Choose the Right Setting
Select a suitable location for filming the testimonial video. It could be on-site at your business, in a customer’s environment, or in a studio setting. The choice of location should enhance the authenticity of the video and align with your brand image.

4. Capture Authentic Moments
During the interview, focus on capturing authentic moments and genuine emotions. Avoid rehearsed or scripted responses. The beauty of testimonial videos lies in their spontaneity and honesty.

5. Edit Thoughtfully
In the post-production phase, edit the video thoughtfully. Ensure it flows smoothly and maintains viewer engagement. Incorporate visuals, graphics, and background music if appropriate, but always prioritize the customer’s story.

6. Share Across Multiple Channels
Once the testimonial video is ready, leverage multiple marketing channels to share it with your target audience. This includes your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and even at industry events. The goal is to maximize its reach and impact.

The St. Louis Locations Advantage
As a full-service professional commercial video production company, St. Louis Locations is well-equipped to help businesses harness the power of testimonial videos for driving growth. Our team of experienced videographers understands the nuances of creating authentic and compelling testimonial videos that resonate with your target audience.

Full-Service Studio and Location Video Production
We offer both studio and location video production services to cater to diverse media requirements. Whether you need an on-site shoot or a controlled studio environment, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver high-quality results.

Editing and Post-Production
Our post-production team is skilled in enhancing and refining your testimonial videos to ensure they effectively convey your message. We can add graphics, animations, and music to elevate the visual appeal of your videos.

Repurposing for Maximum Traction
At St. Louis Locations, we understand the value of repurposing content. We can repurpose your testimonial videos into various formats to reach a broader audience. This includes creating shorter clips for social media, blog posts, or email campaigns.

Versatility in Media and Software
We are well-versed in all file types and styles of media, as well as accompanying software. This means we can handle any unique requirements or specifications you have for your testimonial videos.

In conclusion, testimonial videos are a powerful tool for driving business growth, and St. Louis Locations is your trusted partner in harnessing their potential. We have a proven track record of working with businesses and agencies in the St. Louis area, providing top-notch corporate photography and video production services. If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level and boost your brand’s credibility, contact us today.

Discover the St. Louis Locations difference and let us help you tell your success stories through compelling testimonial videos.

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Why Testimonials and B-Roll are Essential for Effective Video Marketing

Testimonials and B-roll footage are a must for creating successful, appealing video marketing content.

Testimonials show off satisfied customers, adding trustworthiness to your brand. B-roll footage helps to tell the story visually and keeps your video from becoming dull.

These elements can boost engagement and make your brand stand out in digital media.

Remember to include testimonials and B-roll footage next time you plan a video marketing campaign!

Importance of Testimonials in Video Marketing

Testimonials are a vital part of video marketing. They give you a persuasive and powerful tool to influence, educate and form relationships with potential customers.

Testimonials offer an honest account of how your products and services changed someone’s life. Used correctly, they can quickly boost consumer trust in your product or service.

Let’s explore why testimonials are so important for successful video marketing.

Creating a Customer-Centric Experience

Testimonials and B-roll footage are must-haves for successful video marketing. They make your brand relatable and give viewers a captivating customer-focused experience.

Testimonials show the value and trustworthiness of your brand through reviews from content customers. They allow customers to share their experiences with your products or services, evoking an emotional response from potential customers.

B-roll footage gives context and interest to videos, making them more engaging. Here’s why they are important:

  • They provide social proof.
  • They create an emotional connection.
  • They add depth and context.
  • They make a memorable viewing experience.

Create a customer-centric experience by using testimonials and B-roll footage to connect with your target audience.

Pro Tip: Mix talking head testimonials and lifestyle B-roll footage to make a diverse, engaging video that displays your brand’s value and appeals to your target audience.

Building Trust and Credibility

Building trust is a must for any marketing effort. Video marketing’s testimonials are a key tool for achieving this.

Testimonials give social proof of your product or service’s strength. It lets potential customers see how your business helped others.

B-roll footage alongside testimonials will give context to the viewer. This creates an immersive experience.

To make effective testimonials, get footage of happy customers. Show the benefits they got from your product. Keep the message clear and concise.

A well-edited, professional-looking video testimonial helps build trust. This leads to more engagement and conversions.

Turning Customers into Advocates

Testimonials in video marketing can be the link to customers becoming advocates for your brand. People who have had success with your goods or services give you authenticity and trustworthiness. This, with B-roll footage to back it up, makes for great marketing.

B-roll is extra footage used in video production to support interviews or main footage. The aim is to illustrate or add more info to the story.

The advantages of video testimonials include: creating trust and believability, humanizing your brand, providing social proof, and improved conversions. B-roll can give life to your video, emphasize product or services’ advantages, and make the viewer’s experience better.

To conclude, blending video testimonials with B-roll footage can take your video marketing to the next level and turn customers into your brand’s advocates.

Pro Tip: Pick out customers with an emotional connection to your brand’s goal. Focus on their experiences, values, and achievements.

Incorporating B-Roll in Video Marketing

B-Roll in video marketing can bring your story to life! It’s supplemental footage that can make a video look professional. Including B-Roll in your video marketing tactics can increase engagement and make your end result even more impactful.

We’ll explore the advantages of B-Roll in video marketing here.

Adding Visual Interest to Video

Incorporating B-Roll footage is a great way to liven up your video and make it more successful in marketing. B-Roll clips are additional clips that are mixed in with the main footage to give context and eye-catching visuals. Testimonials with B-Roll footage amplify the impact. It helps viewers connect with the person in the testimonial and provides an emotional aspect for the video.

Why are testimonials and B-Roll important for marketing videos?

1. Credibility: customer testimonials give validity to your brand and product, making it more trustworthy.

2. Connection: testimonials and B-Roll offer a human touch, making it easier to relate to.

3. Visual interest: B-Roll footage breaks up your video and provides visual stimulation, keeping viewers engaged.

Incorporating B-Roll footage and testimonials into video marketing increases engagement and persuasiveness. Remember: keep B-Roll footage relevant and short.

Demonstrating Products and Services

Demonstrating products and services is a must for successful video marketing. Incorporating B-Roll and customer testimonials will make your content more captivating and boost engagement.

B-Roll footage is the extra footage that provides context and boosts the main shot’s storytelling. Added to customer testimonials, it produces a powerful marketing material that markets your goods and services while building reliability.

Why B-Roll and testimonials are so important for successful video marketing:

  • B-Roll footage strengthens the visual storytelling of your video, keeping your audience interested in your content.
  • Customer testimonials build trust and confidence by giving potential customers a true look into the experiences of others.
  • Together, B-Roll footage and customer testimonials create a special emotional bond with your audience, which is vital for driving action and growing conversion rates.

Pro Tip: To make your video marketing even more effective, consider employing a professional videographer who can help you make compelling and visually pleasing marketing materials.

Enhancing Storytelling

Incorporate B-roll footage into your video marketing to boost storytelling! It’ll add depth and meaning to your content, and it’ll engage your audience more. B-roll footage is supplementary material to the primary footage. Testimonials and B-roll are essential for effective video marketing.

Testimonials: Feature real people sharing their experiences and opinions. This can create an emotional connection and show the value of your products/services.

B-roll footage: Illustrate your message better with footage of your products/services in action, your team at work, or your customers’ experiences. This creates a more immersive and engaging experience for your audience.

Incorporating B-roll and testimonials in your video marketing makes your content more relatable, interesting, and effective.

Pro tip: Ensure your B-roll content is relevant to the message and enhances the quality of your video.

Best Practices for Video Testimonials

Video testimonials and B-Roll are great for a video marketing strategy. To make a good video testimonial, show the customer’s opinion, how they feel about your product, and why they could recommend it.

It can be tricky to get the visuals and sound right – but get it right, and it will make a difference.

Here you’ll learn the best tips for creating effective video testimonials.

Selecting the Right Customers for Testimonials

Testimonials are great for video marketing. But, it’s essential to choose the right customers for your videos. Here’s the best way to pick them:

Look for customers who had a positive experience with your product or service.

Pick customers who can speak clearly, passionately and are comfortable on camera.

Choose customers who match your target audience. Their feedback will be more relevant.

Include B-roll footage of your customers using your product or service. This adds context and visual interest.

By picking the right customers, you’ll have marketing videos that stand out and drive sales.

Pro tip: Give customers incentives such as discounts or free products, when asking for testimonials. This increases participation.

Crafting Compelling Scripts and Questions

To make effective video testimonials that engage and persuade, crafting compelling scripts and questions is a must. Here are the best practices:

Define the goal of the video and the main message you want to get across.

Craft open-ended questions to allow your interviewee to freely speak.

Avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”.

Get your interviewee to give examples and anecdotes that demonstrate their experience with your product/service.

Include B-roll footage to back up the story and show your product/service in action.

Keep the script concise and conversational.

Remember, the aim is to build trust, credibility, and authority with your viewers. With these practices, you can create video testimonials that make a lasting impression.

Ensuring Professional Production Quality

To make professional-grade video testimonials, stick to these practices!

Provide a script: Offer customers a script so they can create a powerful testimonial with key talking points.

Film B-roll: B-roll footage adds depth and visual appeal.

Light it right: Good lighting is essential. Go for natural light or invest in lighting equipment.

Record quality audio: High-quality audio is a must! Use external mics or record in a quiet spot.

Edit it well: Editing helps condense the footage into an impactful testimonial.

By following these best practices, you’ll get a pro-level video testimonial that resonates with your audience.

Pro Tip: Test different versions of the video to find the one that works best!

How to Use B-Roll in Video Marketing

B-Roll – a great tool to enhance your video marketing! It adds visuals to your testimonials and other content. This helps to cement your message in the minds of viewers. B-Roll provides a smoother narrative and makes video content more eye-catching.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use B-Roll in video marketing and how it can benefit you.

Choosing the Right B-Roll Footage

Picking the perfect B-roll footage for video marketing is key. Here are some tips to help you choose:

Plan your B-roll before you shoot.

Get footage that matches your message and brand.

Make sure it’s super high quality and clear.

Include close-ups or abstract shots that support the message.

Put in natural sound, like dialogue or ambient noise, to make it more immersive.

The right B-roll is essential for creating great video content. To take it to the next level, combine it with testimonial videos. Voila!

Incorporating B-Roll into Video

B-roll footage can up the quality of video marketing. It adds extra depth, interest, and dimension to the story. Here’s how to effectively use B-roll:

Plan before filming. Know what footage you need for transitions and visuals.

Shoot lots of B-roll. Get enough for editing and post-production flexibility.

Match B-roll to the story. Use footage that complements and enhances the message.

Include testimonials. This makes the video more authentic and relatable.

Using B-roll can make a video stand out and make it more likely to reach its audience.

Pro Tip: When selecting B-roll, keep your target audience in mind for maximum engagement.

Balancing B-Roll and Main Footage

Finding the perfect balance between B-roll and main footage is key for successful video marketing. B-roll is the extra footage that supports and adds meaning to the main content. Here are some tips to use it correctly:

1. Pick B-roll that supports the story or message.

2. Use it to break up lengthy sections of main footage and make it more interesting.

3. Make sure B-roll doesn’t overpower the main footage.

4. Showcase products, services, or locations with B-roll to make them look appealing.

5. Include testimonials with B-roll to illustrate the benefits of a product or service.

By combining main footage with B-roll, your video will be engaging and effectively communicate your message.

Examples of Successful Video Marketing Campaigns with Testimonials and B-Roll

Video content is a strong choice to get your audience involved and create trust with possible buyers. Including testimonials and B-roll in your video marketing efforts is necessary for an effective video marketing plan.

To make the point clear, here are some examples of successful video marketing campaigns that used testimonials and B-roll.

Business to Business (B2B)

Marketing world-wide, Business to Business (B2B) companies have found success through video marketing. Testimonials and B-Roll footage are key techniques for this.

For examples, HubSpot used customer stories and B-Roll to show how their services improved lead generation and sales.

Hootsuite used both testimonials and B-Roll footage to demonstrate their features and how it helps businesses manage social media.

Dropbox made a series of customer testimonials that showed how the platform helps businesses with collaboration and productivity.

Testimonials and B-Roll create an authentic and relatable experience for viewers. Testimonials add a human touch, while B-Roll illustrates the product or service.

Pro Tip: Keep the target audience in mind when creating a video marketing campaign.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C) is when businesses promote, advertise and sell products or services to end-users. Video is a great way to do this. Testimonials and B-Roll footage can help.

Testimonials share the experiences and opinions of people that have used the product. It builds trust with the audience and encourages them to buy. B-Roll footage adds visual context, making the video more interesting.

Tesla’s “The People Behind Tesla’s Autopilot” used these elements. Dollar Shave Club’s “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” did too.

Including testimonials and B-Roll in videos helps build trust and drives sales.

Remember: Incorporate testimonials and B-Roll footage in your B2C video campaigns for greater engagement.

Non-Profit and Social Impact

Testimonials and B-Roll are must-haves for an effective video marketing campaign, especially for non-profits and social impact orgs. Here’s some successful examples that use them:

1. Charity: Water – They made a video with a powerful testimonial from a young girl in Ethiopia plus B-roll of the community benefiting from the clean water initiative.

2. Kiva – Their video includes testimonials from borrowers and supporters, plus B-roll of the positive impact Kiva has on communities.

3. World Wildlife Fund – WWF’s video displays their conservation successes, with testimonials from locals plus stunning B-roll featuring the wildlife & landscapes being preserved.

Testimonials & B-roll add depth & authenticity to video campaigns. They create an emotional connection & show the importance of supporting these causes. Pro Tip: When creating a video marketing campaign, gather powerful testimonials & meaningful B-roll to craft a story that resonates with your audience.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing with Testimonials and B-Roll

Video marketing is great for connecting with your target audience and gaining trust. Testimonials and b-roll are key elements of an effective strategy. They make videos more persuasive and engaging.

This article is about the importance of using both in your video marketing campaign. Plus, it has tips on how to make testimonials and b-roll more effective.

Planning and Pre-Production

Planning and pre-production are vital for making great video marketing. Here are tips for using testimonials and B-roll:

1. Plan your message and story. Keep it focused and clear.

2. Pick the right people for testimonials. Make sure they’re authentic and credible.

3. Prepare interview questions. Capture meaningful and engaging responses.

4. Include B-roll footage. Visually support your message, add interest.

Testimonials and B-roll create an emotional connection and add credibility. Pro Tip: Before filming, make a shot list and storyboard for a smooth production.

Capture Compelling Testimonials and B-Roll Footage

Craft powerful marketing vids that your audience will connect with. Testimonials and B-roll footage are necessary for success. Here’s how to capture effective ones:

1. Plan the message of your vid.

2. Reach out to people who can give genuine testimonials.

3. Guide them on topics, length, and tone.

4. Use B-roll to illustrate your brand/product.

5. Edit the footage to make a concise, engaging vid.

By capturing compelling testimonials and B-roll footage, you’ll create vids that separate your brand from the competition and resonate with your audience.

Post-Production and Promotion

After making a great video, the next step is to promote it well. Two key things to take your video marketing further are adding testimonials and b-roll footage.

Testimonials – Showing positive feedback from happy customers in your video builds trust with potential customers. Reach out to existing customers and ask them to share their experiences with your product or service on camera.

B-Roll – Extra footage not related to the main subject like establishing shots, cutaways, or other scenes. Adding b-roll makes videos more eye-catching and interesting. Film your employees working, your product in action, or any activity related to the theme of the video.

Testimonials and b-roll together can help create a unique video that encourages people to use your product or service.


Webcasting is a Powerful Event Production Tool. Here’s How We Can Help You!

New ways to market your business are popping up every day. The rise of digital marketing and the availability of social media channels has made it easier than ever for businesses to reach their target audience. Video streaming is one such marketing tool that will let you directly communicate with your potential customers. If you aren’t sure how video streaming can help you market your business, read on! Video streaming as a marketing tool can be used in several different ways to promote your business or product. Let’s take a look at how video streaming can help you effectively market your business.



An Introduction to Video Streaming

Before we dive into the different ways video streaming can help you market your business, let’s take a look at an introduction to video streaming. Video streaming is a live broadcast that viewers can watch in real-time on the Internet. Usually, this is accomplished through a video hosting website, like YouTube. Video streaming is a great marketing tool because it offers the opportunity to build a relationship with your customer base by creating relatable content. You can create content that will resonate with your audience, helping you establish trust and authority. As a result, your customers will be more likely to become engaged with your business and buy your products! If you aren’t sure how video streaming can help you market your business, read on!


Help you build a relationship with your customer base

Video streaming as a marketing tool can be used to showcase your business culture, products, and employees. You can create a series of videos that allow customers to get to know you and your business better. You can use these videos to share the story behind your products and why you founded your company. You can also use video streaming to get involved with your target audiences’ interests. For example, if you run a sporting goods store, you can make a series of videos about your favourite sports. You can do the same for any hobby or interest you want to involve in your business. This way, customers won’t just be buying from your company because they need a product. They’ll also be buying from you because they want to support your passions. Video streaming as a marketing tool can be used to showcase your business culture, products, and employees. You can create a series of videos that allow customers to get to know you and your business better.


Video Streaming as a Lead Generation Tool

Video streaming can be used as a lead generation tool by offering an incentive. You can offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your company, product development, or something else relevant to your industry. In exchange for watching your video, customers will give their contact information, allowing you to connect with them and begin cultivating a relationship. You can use video streaming to host webinars, interviews, or seminars to teach your audience about your field of expertise. This can help you connect with your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. If you are marketing a product, you can use video streaming to show off the benefits of your product. You can also use video streaming to show how your product works.


Video Streaming to Celebrate Events

If you’re hosting a special event, you can use video streaming to give your audience a first-hand look at the event. You can provide a live video stream of a panel discussion, lectures, sports events, or other events you want to celebrate. This can help you connect with your customers on a more personal level and allow them to experience the event as if they were there. This type of video streaming can also be particularly useful if you want to celebrate a holiday that doesn’t occur during normal business hours. For example, if you want to celebrate Independence Day but your office is closed, you can still reach your customers by hosting a live video streaming event. If you aren’t sure how video streaming can help you market your business, give us a call.



Video streaming is a powerful event production tool that can be used to reach a wider audience. However, live video streaming requires a certain degree of planning and preparation. You’ll need to ensure that your video streaming equipment is compatible and that they’re set up correctly. You’ll also need to have a plan to promote your event so that people know it’s happening. Video streaming can help you effectively market your business by building a relationship with your customers, lead generation, and celebrating special events!

St Louis location scouting and managing

We maintain a comprehensive list of locations for any type of photography, videography, and brand promotion in St Louis. We are ready to handle any job that comes our way, due to our fast turnaround times.

Every project requires its own approach and we aim to exceed expectations. We start by finding the right setting by using our extensive location database. Every time, it is essential to find the ideal location for your project.

Location scouting is an essential component of pre-production. It’s a good time to spot potential issues with a location that include poor lighting or power supply. This includes considering every important character in the script as well as finding an appropriate location to film.

Helping with every step of the location scouting process from creative direction to permit requests to managing and logistics. Our rates are determined by project details, please call or email us for more information regarding your project.

Mike Haller 314-913-5626 stlouislocations@gmail.com

Scouting for the best location

Why is Location Scouting Important?

Location scouting is about more than just finding the right room or park for a specific scene. Location scouting allows key members of the crew to walk through the space they want to shoot in and ensure it not only looks great but can support the needs of the shooting crew and cast.


It also is a great time to uncover any potential problems with the location, such as lack of adequate lighting or power.

While this may seem obvious, the script holds the most important information when it comes to finding the right location to shoot a certain scene. Each and every noteworthy element must be considered.

Is the shoot a period piece? Does it take place in a certain kind of park in a certain part of the world? What elements does the writer describe being included in the space the scene takes place? What time of day is it supposed to be?


Film, video and photography location scouts in St. Louis


Carefully review every part of the script so that you can go into your location scout with a solid picture of exactly what kind of location you’ll need for each scene you’re planning to shoot.

Mike Haller – Cell 314-913-5626

St Louis Location Scout | Drone Photography and Video

There are a few important things to take into consideration when on an initial location scout.  The most obvious is you want your locations to match (as best they can) the brief that the director created and the mood he or she is after.  Besides the overall look you need to also be thinking about the logistics of the location.

The production will do their best to make company moves easy, parking easy, and take care of all the other things but a DP has to be on the look out for things like 2nd story locations, tight access for rigging and cardinal orientation of a set.  The earlier you spot a problem the more likely you will be able to fix it before the shoot.


We are also well versed in flying drones and can help scout your location and provide drone aerial images and video.

Mike Haller
9910 Claywood Court
St. Louis, MO 63126

Location scouting in St. Louis to find the best location for your video or photography shoot is imperative!

Selecting the right location for a successful shoot.


Scouting locations is a vital pre-production step that will help you meet almost any challenge when you shoot video or photography in the field. Here are several tips that will help you as you scope out potential video shooting locations.

Location Scouting in Saint Louis and Missouri - family on the run

1. Know your script. Choose a site that matches the setting of your story. This is the first rule of location scouting. As you set out to evaluate locations, you’ll likely face countless possibilities: natural areas, historic sites, distinctive buildings, urban landscapes and waterfront settings, to name a few. Remember, above all, that you have a story to tell. Choose a location that lends itself to the story you want to produce. You should never be bound by your locations. Locations are simply raw materials. You need to know what the script demands before you can select a suitable location.

2. Scout at the right time. Be aware that locations can change. It’s wise to check your spot on the day of the week and the time of day that you’ll be taping: these factors can produce surprisingly large changes on the suitability of a location.

Automobile traffic and noise, visitors to recreation and entertainment spots, and tourists at scenic or historic areas (to name just a few examples) all come in waves that vary dramatically based on the time of day, the day of the week and the season.

3. Look at light. Churches, ballrooms, restaurants, auditoriums and homes generally feature low amounts of available lighting. Check light levels by shooting a few seconds of test footage with your camcorder.

Solutions for poor lighting might be as simple as scouting out window blinds and curtains that can be opened to add daylight. In some cases you may wish to bring in lights or ask permission to replace the bulbs in accessible light fixtures with brighter-burning units.

4. Follow the sun. Outdoor lighting conditions can be as challenging as those indoors; exterior illumination changes all day long. As you’re scouting locations, pay attention to whether a given spot is in full sun, partial sun or full shade. Bright sun can be harsh on people’s faces, and light-colored surfaces can blow out in full sunlight, causing automatic camcorder lenses to underexpose shots. Partial sun can be tricky, as well; today’s camcorders, though sophisticated, can have trouble handling the high contrast in this situation. Ultimately, you may find that fully shaded locations or overcast days produce the most consistent results.

5. Check for power supplies. Many outdoor locations are far from power sources and even some indoor locations can pose AC challenges, so multiple camera batteries are always a good idea. But you’ll still need to evaluate your power options at any location.

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How will you power your lights? What if you do end up draining all your batteries? Is there anywhere to plug in the charger? Is the spot remote enough to make a car-lighter AC adapter a good idea? In a location that does have power, you may be able to plug in, but you’ll still need to think about the system’s pre-existing load and whether or not you can get to the fuse (breaker) box in case something blows.

6. Listen. Clean, high-quality sound is critical in making a video that rises above the ordinary, and its silence that ensures you get the location sound that you came for.

The whooshing of traffic, the white noise of moving water, and the echoes of voices and movements can all get in the way of high-quality audio. As you scout a location, check for any of these conditions by listening to your camcorder’s microphone pickup through headphones. Test your wireless mike at the site as well, listening closely for any type of interference.

7. Examine the elements. Sun, rain, wind, snow, heat, and cold — all of nature’s elements can help or hurt, depending on what you’re hoping to capture on film. So, it’s critical to check the forecast as you’re scouting.

Video cameras don’t like rain, salty beach air or moisture from waterfalls. Smeared lenses and water or salt inside the card reader can spell disaster. Bright, hot locations with lots of sunlight can also be a problem: black and gray camcorder bodies absorb the sun’s rays and can cause overheating when left exposed. A beach or patio umbrella can help protect your gear from the elements in both sun and rain.

Cold temperatures can drain batteries and make you and your helpers uncomfortable very quickly. Plan to keep equipment warm by storing it inside a coat or car until you’re ready to shoot, and by wrapping it in a spare scarf or jacket while taping. And watch out when bringing cameras back into warm interiors from the frigid outdoors: this can cause significant amounts of moisture to condense inside both optics and electronics.

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8. Decide where to set up. Make sure that there’s adequate space for you to set up all of your gear, so that you’re able to get the shots you have in mind. A small shed may seem like the perfect location for a shoot, until you realize that there isn’t enough room to position your gear. You may have plenty of room in a large space like a church or an auditorium, but you may not be able to roam freely. As you scout your locations, verify that you can physically get to the spots you intend to shoot from.

9. Get permission. Be aware that you’ll need to secure permits and other legal permissions to shoot at certain locations. As you’re looking at a location, do a legal reality check.

Have you chosen a street or sidewalk location that will impede traffic? Do you plan to shoot on someone else’s property? Cemeteries, malls, grocery stores, corporations and businesses are all private property. Many owners will be happy to accommodate you if you ask, but if not, you’ll need to choose another location. It’s better to get permission in advance than to have a shoot interrupted by the authorities.

10. Evaluate the area. Check on communications: Is there cell phone reception in the area you’ve chosen to shoot? How about a nearby pay phone? If you’re driving a long way, have you planned for a breakdown?

Search the area for quick food stops to satisfy you and your crew in the midst of a busy schedule and double-check the address of a local electronics store, just in case you need to replace a cable or adapter.

One day, something will go wrong; it’s inevitable. But when you’ve scouted out the backup possibilities at a location, you can take most obstacles in stride.

11. And finally, take notes! When you sit down to evaluate a location after a day of exploring, you’ll be glad you have scouting reports to refer to. In your scouting expeditions for a shoot, in your daily travels, on your family vacations, and in your mind’s eye, you’ll come across countless locations and changing conditions, each of which will be unique and potentially important to you.

Write them down, take still photos or shoot a little video with a running audio commentary. Note the time of day, the quality of the light, the sounds in the air, and the things you felt. One day you might return.


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