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  • St Louis Photographers and Video Production Company

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      St Louis Locations is an established team of experienced and professional photographers in St Louis Missouri. All team members have specifically profound experiences in photojournalism, the amazing ability to externalize the significant moments for our customers.  We develop interactive and constructive relationships with our clients leading by fulfilling their expectations through fast turnaround times and eye-catching …

  • St Louis Location Scout | Drone Photography and Video

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    There are a few important things to take into consideration when on an initial location scout.  The most obvious is you want your locations to match (as best they can) the brief that the director created and the mood he or she is after.  Besides the overall look you need to also be thinking about …

  • Location scouting in St. Louis to find the best location for your video or photography shoot is imperative!

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    Selecting the right location for a successful shoot.   Scouting locations is a vital pre-production step that will help you meet almost any challenge when you shoot video or photography in the field. Here are several tips that will help you as you scope out potential video shooting locations. 1. Know your script. Choose a …

  • We can help you scout and produce your next film, video or photography session in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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    We can scout, create, produce and place your content all over, no matter what size screen your viewer is using. Getting your production to all types and sizes of viewing screens, whether it’s a theater, television, smartphone, tablet or desktop, we have produced a message for the media. Today users have come to expect quick …

  • missouri video production | location scout | video producers

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    St. Louis, Missouri Location Scout Professional video and film productions and locations for your product, services or organization. 314-892-1233 Mike Haller St Louis Video and Film Location Scout mikeh@hallerconcepts.com St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

  • st louis video location scout | Missouri photography location scout

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    We’ll help find that right location and make you the star.  We’ve been shooting and helping shooters since 1982.  We know how to scout and work on getting you the best location for the price.  Call us about your project parameters and we’ll guide you to the best course for your production whether its video, …

  • st louis video | location scouts | video production

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    st louis video, film and photography locations, some are great, some are not.  When you need great shots call on the experts, our team has been shooting in st louis since 1982.  We know all the great locations.  Plus we have a directory of wonderful house locations and are always updating our database for new …

  • film production st louis | st louis video production

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    St Louis Film Production If you are planning on shooting in St Louis you really should call us first.  We can help you with all pre production scouting and logistics as well as production and post production.  If you’ve been around the Midwest as long as we have Scouting & Managing Locations is a natural …

  • missouri film scout | film production st louis

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    We’ve been scouting in Missouri and Illinois for a number of years and are quite familiar with the Midwest region. Kansas City, Springfield, St Louis, Joplin, Cape Girardeau, we know the areas and we can help your production. Good quality location scouting can make your production better and less expensive.  

  • missouri film scout | st louis film production | video post production

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    Film and video scouting in Missouri. American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips in Springfield, Missouri and surrounding Missouri county areas this recent January 2013 music video and film shoot .  Great person, wonderful film and video crew production.  Thanks everyone!

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