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    The initial location scout is one of the best times in the
    pre-production schedule.  In the
    commercial world, by the time I am on board as the cinematographer, chances are
    the production team will have some strong contenders for possible locations.

    During the initial location scout on this job it was just
    the director and I and we made our way around the city in one day checking out
    the various locations the production team had lined up for review.

    There are a few important things to take into consideration
    when on an initial location scout.  The
    most obvious is you want your locations to match (as best they can) the brief
    that the director created and the mood he or she is after.  Besides the overall look you need to also be
    thinking about the logistics of the location.

    Location Scout preparing for a commercial production on the streets of St Louis

    A good location scout for film will make your job easy and
    provide you with multiple options for each location.

    It’s your job to review the locations, scope it out in person, and decide the best location for your budget and production needs.

    Mike Haller

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